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Word from the Director

When man thinks independently from God or simply misinterprets Him, possibilities inevitably arise for people, people groups, and even nations to be treated with immense cruelty. Too many world views have already proved this thesis and the time has come to look beyond the political, religious, economical, ecological, scientific statements of ideologies and fully understand that first and foremost every human being has to be treated and respected as such. Ideologies are merely a means to an end. They should never be utilized at the expense of a human being.

Serving in Cambodia, whose population in its recent history has had to go through the trauma of living under an inhumane, terrifying, and murderous regime, which left the country wounded and destroyed, we want to restore and rebuild the lives of its broken people to self-determination, self-improvement, and dignity.

Ingrid Willmann
Kaleb e.V., Cambodia

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